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Belgian Shepherd Dogs

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August 23, 2022


We hope you enjoy your "web visit" with us. It won't be the same as being buried by Belgian Shepherd Dogs on our couch, but then it is easier to see them without dog nose prints on your glasses.

 quota  As you peruse the photos here you will just have to imagine the joy of getting soaked by smiling dogs covered in salt water from our cove, watching sheep moved between pastures by an eager young BSD, or a happily wagging agility Terv in training.
We think you will get a feel for this very special breed and our dogs in particular. Our dogs are our house pets and companions first - training and competition is just extra fun we and the dogs enjoy together.


Slurps from the BSDs here at BelgAcres on the coast of Maine, USA.
Sue Morlan (Coda) & Sue West (Classic)

Coda 'n Classic
Belgian Shepherd Dogs
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photo by Herb Micue